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Our Organization

Our organization participates in Civil War Living History and Reenactments as both military and civilian.  Our mission is to help keep the history of the American Civil War fresh in the minds of today’s generation.  These events are both private and public for all to enjoy.  We are a family based organization; we encourage men, women and children of all ages to join and participate in this fun educational hobby.


For most living history events in the Pacific Northwest we fly under the 1st Oregon Volunteer Infantry flag which was a volunteer infantry company stationed in the Pacific Northwest for the duration of the Civil War.  For battle reenactment events The Northwest Civil War Council (NWCWC) is our parent organization, for these events we portray the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry which was company of volunteers from all walks of life and counties from the State of Maine.  The 1st OVI/20th Maine also has a large contingent of men, women and children who portray civilian life during the Civil War.  There is something for everyone in the family to participate in!

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